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May 06

It's difficult to compare the effects of smoking cannabis and eating cannabis edibles. This is because there are many factors that make the margins of error quite large, thus the information you can glean from them requires you to take it with a grain silo of salt. That's the bottom line when it comes to dosage and THC Edibles. What's more, different users vary in how many times they smoke, the spacing and durable of the puffs, the number of the puffs, and the hold time and volume of the person's lungs. Edibles vary in terms of the person's constitution, how well he chewed the food, what sort of ingredients were used, the dosage of THC in every piece of food, how many bites were taken, and so forth.

Edibles, The Bloodstream, and Peak Concentrations

  • Edibles Are Metabolized More Slowly: Oral doses are processed by the digestive system. This means that doses that are smoked, injected, and so forth will always have a stronger and more immediate kick compared to consumption, particularly when it comes to edibles. Your liver and digestive system serve as strainers and filters for all that THC before it can enter your bloodstream, so the dose will be watered down and delayed in its effects. This budderweeds is great source of THC Edibles.
  • Delayed and Lower Peak Concentrations: Compared to smoking weed, eating weed-infused products or cannabis edibles have a delayed effect on your system by about 20 to 90 minutes. It also has lower peak concentrations due to all the filtering by your liver and stomach. They're also cleared more slowly, such that the effects of an edible can run from an impressive 2-8 hours depending on how much of these hashish brownies you've consumed.
  • Aerosol Inhalation Is More Concentrated: Compared to when you inhale weed that you've burned in order to turn the THCA to THC, you get a quicker high that's more temporary. The availability of cannabinoids varies in terms of how different people metabolize edibles. However, for the most part, you'll be tripping for a much longer time compared to simply smoking a joint or burning hash on a bong.
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